Untitled, exposed silkscreens 70 x 100 cm, easy!upstream gallery, 2016

Disegno #18, 2018

Autonomous Decisions, Disegno Magazine, 2016

Always On, IOT, Disegno Magazine, 2017

Craig Green at the Sea, Disegno Magazine, 2017

Domain Demand, Disegno Magazine, 2016

Changing Framework, Disegno Magazine, 2016

Broken protoype, ceramic plate 2018

Assessments, Title for NZZ

Assessments, Title for NZZ, detail 1

Assessments, Title for NZZ, detail 2

100 Years of General Relativity by Albert Einstein, Front Page for NZZ

100 Years of General Relativity by Albert Einstein, double page for NZZ

The mystery of gravitation waves … solved 2016 (more or less)

Wormhole Invitation

Construction drawings for: »Müssen wir das sehen?«, screenprints on paper, 2016

»Interior Views«, Watercolors on paper, 42 x 28 cm, »Do I need to go there today?«, Leo & Björn, Heitsch Gallery

Achievement doesn't pay off, Brand eins Magazine

»Gefällt mir nicht mehr«, SZ Magazin